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Certify Email Delivery

Get delivery email certification to prove that an email has been sent and delivered. You will get a digitally signed copy of the transaction with a legal time stamp.

Write an email

Write a normal e-mail as usual with the documents, attachments and any content you may consider.

Put Forensics in CC

Certify email automatically. Just add [email protected] into CC field of the email.

Sign and time stamp

Forensics will monitor the transaction and will create a digitally signed copy of the contents and the forensics aspects of the transaction. This process will include a validation of the receipt and the headers involved in the transaction.

Get a copy

After few minutes, you will receive a digitally signed PDF of the transaction, which it includes all the exchanged content, validation of the receipts, legal time stamp and a proof of delivery.

Proof of delivery

The copy you obtain contains a trustworthy reproduction of all the data you exchanged with the receipts. It also includes technical aspects, such as the headers, scoring metrics and validity of the receipts. This document acts as a proof of delivery*.

* A proof of delivery is a proof the content has been delivered to receipts. It does not guarantee the receipts open and read its content.

Sign Pictures

Embed a digital signature in your pictures.

Thanks to our latest technology, your pictures will contain a signature in the metadata. With this signature and the legal time stamp, your picture will be inalterable and any subsequent modification will be detected.

Verify Signatures

Get a verification report for signatures.

Check and verify the signatures of your pictures, e-mails or documents. With our tool, you will be able to detect manipulations and subsequent editions to your content. Additionally, you will obtain the legal time stamp to proof its existence.

Certify Social Media Screenshots

Certify your media screenshots easily.

Does someone post and delete quickly in the social media? With our certified screenshots you will have a proof of the content posted by other people with a legal time stamp. You will get a certified copy of the content posted by third-party people, with a legal time stamp and with just one click.