How it works

Signing and adding legal time stamps to your documents, pictures, screenshots and e-mails is very easy.

Certify E-mail Delivery

Add CASTLE Platform® Forensics to CC of the e-mail and the message will be time stamped and sealed for future proofs of existence. You will obtain a trustworthy copy with a seal and a legal time stamp.

Sign Pictures

Thanks to our latest technology, your pictures will contain a signature in the metadata. With this signature and the legal time stamp, your picture will be inalterable and any subsequent modification will be detected.

Verify Signatures

Check and verify the signatures of your pictures, e-mails or documents. With our tool, you will be able to detect manipulations and subsequent editions to your content. Additionally, you will obtain the legal time stamp to proof its existence.

Certify Social Media Screenshots

Does someone post and delete quickly in the social media? With our certified screenshots you will have a proof of the content posted by other people with a legal time stamp. You will get a certified copy of the content posted by third-party people, with a legal time stamp and with just one click.